2020 AEW Double or Nothing results, recap, grades: Stadium Stampede chaos, two new champions highlight

by 24USATVMay 24, 2020, 5 a.m. 17

Stadium Stampede -- The Elite & Matt Hardy def. The Inner Circle via pinfall when Kenny Omega hit a diving One-Winged Angel on Sammy Guevara. The teams received full football-style entrances before the match, with Inner Circle in matching football uniforms (including padded football pants). Hangman Page did not enter with his team but was soon out chasing Sammy Guevara down while riding a horse. The action returned early to the ring that was placed at the 50-yard line, allowing for some standard wrestling action in the middle of the chaos. Guevara made his return having escaped Hangman and his horse. Matt Jackson climbed a ladder to the crossbar of a goalpost and hit a moonsault. Having missed Guevara earlier, Page made his way to the stadium bar, leaving his team out to dry for a bit. Santana and Ortiz drove Kenny Omega through a barricade suspended between tables before throwing Matt Hardy in a pool, where Matt Hardy: Version 1 emerged briefly.

Jake Hager found Page in the bar where they shared a drink before breaking down into a fight. The two brawled around the bar, including on a pool table and with Hager sliding Page head-first along the length of the bar. Omega came to lend a hand, with he and Page breaking champagne bottles over the head of Hager. Meanwhile, Matt Jackson hit a series of northern lights suplexes for the full length of the football field while his brother pelted Chris Jericho with footballs. The madness continued with penalty flags, replay challenges and Chris Jericho being painted white by a line marker before Omega hit a massive diving One-Winged Angel from the stadium seats through a platform set up below to score the pin on Guevara. This was one of the wildest matches you're ever going to see and surpassed all expectations for straddling the line between intense brawling and comedy to close out a top-to-bottom solid pay-per-view. Grade: A-


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