Horace Grant lays into 'snitch' Michael Jordan over 'so-called' documentary: 'Let's settle this like men'

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“The Last Dance” was largely well-received as an entertaining, welcome trip down sports memory lane at a much-needed time.

But it had its fair share of critics pointing to Michael Jordan’s heavy hand in shaping how he was portrayed — that it wasn’t a shining beacon of balanced documentary filmmaking.

Count Horace Grant in the latter camp. Jordan’s teammate on three NBA championships lit into him in a radio interview Tuesday, calling him a “snitch,” accusing him of lying and challenging him to “settle this like men.”

Grant’s primary point of contention appears to be Jordan blaming him for leaking locker-room information to author Sam Smith for his 1992 exposé “The Jordan Rules.”

But his beef doesn’t stop there. Grant took issue with the documentary’s portrayal of Scottie Pippen, Jordan’s treatment of him personally and his bullying of teammates. He laid it all out in an interview with Kap and Co. on ESPN 1000 in Chicago.

‘We can settle it another way’

Grant continued that Jordan used “The Last Dance” to air out grievances while questioning the fairness of the “so-called documentary.”

Grant said Jordan was the real “snitch,” chastising him for his statements early in the documentary pointing to cocaine use among Bulls players when he was a rookie.

Grant also took issue with how “The Last Dance” portrayed Pippen. The documentary went heavy into examining Pippen’s contract conflict with the Bulls in 1997, with Jordan calling Pippen “selfish” for his negotiation tactics that saw him delay a medical procedure.

The documentary also featured Pippen’s refusal to enter the final seconds of a playoff game against the New York Knicks when Phil Jackson drew up a shot for Toni Kukoc instead of him. That incident happened while Jordan was playing baseball. Grant said that the players who were on the team at the time made peace with Pippen and questioned why Jordan even brought it up.

Grant also criticized Jordan’s treatment of teammates. He said he never backed down to Jordan’s tactics but believes that Jordan’s behavior in the locker room and on the practice court was out of line. Jordan’s repeated berating of Scott Burrell was featured heavily in “The Last Dance.”

Jordan and Grant may have shared one of the greatest runs in sports history together. But Grant clearly left with some scars that were reopened by watching “The Last Dance” along with the rest of us.

And 27 years after last playing with Jordan, Grant sounds ready to fight.
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