Plants vs Booca | Garden Warfare | Cartoons Characters | Stop Motion Animation Short Films

by 24USATVApril 8, 2021, 5:01 a.m. 25

Booca wants to keep Flower for his own Subscribe to the Booca Channel: ---------------------- About Booca Channel: The story about on daily life of a clay character named Booca and his clay Friends, is a mischievous boy and his sense of humor, Pooca always find ways to disrupt Everybody. After silly daily struggles, Pooca have learned many lessons about good behaviors. All episodes are made under the use of stop motion animation technique and owned by DAK Media The channel aims for slightly sarcastic comedy contents. All of our contents serve for entertainment purposes only and we don’t recommend to follow or imitate any action in our contents. ---------------------- CREDIT Producer and Director: Huy Loc, Bao Vuong, Cong Nguyen Scriptwriter and Storyboard: Huy Loc Character Design: Ngoc Vu Animator: Ly Phuc Sinh Editor & Sound designer: Ksor Thanh #booca #animatedshortfilms #stopmotion #animation #claymation


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